About Us

By touching every moment of life, we add value to the environment, people and the future...

Since the first day we were founded, we aim to offer solutions that make a difference for different sectors that touch every aspect of life, by producing world-class products with our technological production processes inspired by the future, our quality principles that we never give up, and our team of experts focused on innovation.

Since 2011, with our strong infrastructure, ethical values that make us who we are, and our experience and knowledge, we are confidently moving forward to become the leading brand of the Nonwoven Fabric sector in every step we take.

We produce in our facilities where we do not compromise on perfect quality standards; We respond to both local and global needs with a broad perspective with our SS, SMS, meltblown and biflex, triflex laminated, pattern-printed fabric products.

At the same time, we produce innovative solutions in applications such as hydrophobic (water repellent), hydrophilic (water absorbent), UV protection, FR (late ignition), anti-bacterial, anti-static.

We are reassuring with our strong references that increase day by day in both local and global markets, and we are honored to add value to our national economy with our exports.