About us

Combining knowledge and quality, BİLNUR PLASTİK TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LIKE. Our SPUNLAID (SPUNBOND) Fabrics, which we offer you with their quality, are produced to display with the latest technology.

The first and only 8g in Turkey. nonwoven fabrics BİLNUR PLASTİK TEKSTİL SAN. TİC. LIKE. manufactures.

Bilnur Nonwoven Fabrics are used in almost all sectors.

In the medical and health sector, where hygiene is an indispensable condition, it is used in the production of hundreds of wheat such as masks, gowns, bonnets, gloves, mixed wipes and pads.

Bilnur nonwoven Fabrics are used in the Home Textile and Furniture sectors, such as bed covers, covers, wardrobes, covers.

Thanks to its flexible and robust structure, Bilnur nonwoven Fabrics has become an indispensable product for shoes, advertising and promotional products with its stylish appearance and economy.

Bilnur Nonwoven Fabrics are also used in the automotive industry, including automobile brands, tool bags and.

Bilnur nonwoven fabrics are also known as interlining fabric or lining fabric.